Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Revving Up The Garden

It's the anticipation that kills.  Along with all the catalogues.  Makes one need to go get dirty somehow, some way.  I started with the Hugelkulture Lite bed.  Then, rows of six packs in the trays on the heat mats.  Lots of stuff already sprouting, pak choi, cabbage, various coloured cauliflowers, et al.  Keeping up with the watering in the greenhouse, and battling the white flies, as usual.  Got the snow and snap peas in, and went with a simple method of protection from whatever ate them all last season.  The yellow crocus bloomed.  And the rain just keeps coming down, making it nearly impossible to spray for weeds at the moment.  But, I mixed up some Touchdown XL in a spray bottle and got the lettuce/greens bed sprayed out before I installed the cold frame yesterday, so progress there.  I hope those two year old seeds will sprout, because I'm ready to not pay $3 for a tub of greens anymore.

 The pea bed, sowed (below) and covered (above).  There are sprouts today!

My fave petunia, in the greenhouse, showing a myriad of colours on one plant, including a half and half (going to try to get seeds of that one)


  1. You are so right! I love both petunias and pansies, and I should know better! Hopefully the next time I get up on the big computer I remember to fix that!