Thursday, January 12, 2017

Winter's Bounty of Beauty

Brace yourself for a massive photo post!  I only posted a fraction of the pictures I took after our little January snowstorm last Saturday, but I cherry picked the best.
For the past few days, we've finally been above freezing, and with the 2.5" of rain that started Sunday night, quite a lot of the snow is gone now, but on the north side of barns and buildings, it's still piled fairly deep, but its more piles of ice pellets now.
Try to see these on a big screen, and enjoy!
 Coldest temps of the year thus far
 Feathery ice patterns on a metal gate rail
 Even the tank heaters couldn't keep up with the ice on the stock tanks.  Made for some pretty pictures
 A few hours into the storm

 A brief lull.  We are at nearly 4" now, will top out just below 6"

 Dale was working in the garage/shop, so the car got left out.

 Got some weird critters out there in the maternity pasture
 A 5 gallon bucket full of rainwater had frozen.  A few days of above freezing temps, and I was able to dump out the ice.

 More frozen metal rail art

The chicken water bucket in the barn.  That's not dirty water, it's the last of the molasses that was in the bucket when it froze


  1. So tell me the benefits of giving molasses to the chickens!

  2. Opportunity. That was an old sheep bucket, and the water dissolved the molasses. When the ice plug melted, the water looked yucky, but the hens LOVED it. They're still fine, so I guess it's okay for them.