Friday, January 20, 2017

First Calf of 2017

Good old Millie.  As usual, at breakfast she showed zero signs of impending delivery.  Except that her rear teats were enormous.  That was enough for me. 
Sure enough, around noon, she went to the fenceline in the maternity pasture, behind the round pen, and started her routine of lying down, getting up, turning around and repeating the process.  A bit later, the tail was out and the mooing started.
At 1315, the waterbag went.  At 1345, she started the serious pushing.  Just before 2, she went down one last time, stayed there almost motionless, and from my vantage point I heard the squooshing gush that meant there was a new calf on the ground.  In the few moments it took me to walk to and around the back of the roundpen, Ethan was already trying to get to his feet.
It was funny to see Ruffie (black) and great grandson Danny, lying on a hill in the north pasture, watching the show.  Ruffie would moo every time Millie went down, sort of cheering her on I suppose.  But I couldn't resist the shot of the peanut gallery.
Mother and son are doing fine; as soon as he gained his footing, Ethan was off and running laps around momma.  This is why all Millie kids get names like Speedy, and Turbo - they are bovine gas molecules.
Ethan's registered name is Expresso, BTW
 The peanut gallery in the north pasture
 Just as I went to take the picture, he flopped back where he landed at birth
 Try #2 'Just stretchin' those hips a bit'
 I meant to do that
 And, try #3.....

 .....and he's up!

 This morning, fed and feisty

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