Friday, January 20, 2017

Best 'Laid' Plans

I needed to pitch another bale of hay down off the top of the stack.  But, the hens had a nest in the line of fire that contained the day's bounty.  So, I plucked the eggs out of the nest, calculated where the bale would make landfall, and set the three ovals of deliciousness down safely out of the drop zone.
Or, maybe not.  For some reason, this bale decided it wanted to go further than one pitched from that height had ever gone before.  It wanted to be all it could be, and then a bale length more.
From my vantage point at the top of the stack, probably 20' in the air, there wasn't a durn thing I could do but watch and go 'nononoNONONO!!' as the bale gleefully tumbled, end over end, landing on top of the eggs.
I climbed down off the stack, prepared to clean up a mess of broken eggs.  What I found, you see below - the very end of the bale landed on the eggs, but only smashed one.
Sometime, you get kinda lucky.

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