Sunday, December 25, 2016

Winter Grumbleland Part III - But It's Still So Pretty

The last of the snow and ice are gone.  Leslie and company down in the SW Hills of Eugene now finally have power back just in time for Christmas.  The cleanup operations all over the Willamette Valley continue, and probably will for weeks more.  It was awful to see how many trees came down!  But, for now, the worst is over.
Winter in the Northwest.  You just never know what ya gonna get, or when
 Ruffie at the morning feed, Christmas morning
 The dog's water tank was way cool in the LED flashlight this morning
 Yesterday, there was a rainbow that ended at Nusbaum Farms.  I certainly hope Orin and the gang plan to share.  After all, I took the picture
 Between Lincoln City and Newport, on the way home from Camp 18 last Wednesday
 Hwy 26 West, on the way to Camp 18

 Guess I should have put the heaters in the tanks a little earlier
 The angry pirate octopus

 A week after the storm, the snow is finally retreating
The tiny snowperson I made for Leslie lost its head as it slowly melted

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