Sunday, December 25, 2016

Winter Grumbleland Part I - It's So Pretty!!

The Great Winter Storm of 2016 brought a little bit of everything to Western Oregon.  Ashland and Medford got snow.  Roseburg, a torrent of rain.  Cottage Grove to Junction City, ruinous ice.  Points north and west, including us, snow that hung around for days.
It had been nearly 2 years since we've had snow.  We had a light dusting a few days before the main storm, which was nice but lasted as long as most Hollywood marriages.  Then came the Wednesday before Christmas week.  It still wasn't a lot of snow, and it wasn't supposed to last, but it just kept hanging around, leaving plenty of photo ops.
 The tree admires its snowy cousins outside
 The snowmen and women are envious of their outside brethren
 The poo flinger display 4 days after the snowstorm, and after the Christmas dog pictures
 The welcome sitting area around the massive fireplace at Camp 18 (
 Big Snow meets, uh, snow
 The day before the storm
 Cool ice crystals a few days before the storm

 Now there's some weird walking going on
 A few hours after the snow started, and it's really coming down

 Dale's fabulous rainbucket, frozen in time

 Well, okay, guess the tomatoes really ARE done for the year!

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