Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween!!

Random Scenic Shots

That's the trouble with having a really, REALLY good camera attached to my phone - every time I turn around, I'm taking pictures.  Seriously.
Enjoy on a big screen if you can!
 We actually FELT this cloud hanging over us!!

 Western rainbow!
 Dale practicing archery in the north pasture
Ruffie chills under a spectacular sky

Ginger's TRIPLETS!!

Twyla's daughter Ginger was HUGE.  We knew she was either gonna have a litter of lambs, or two nearly full grown twins.  On October 7th, we were feverishly trying to finish up the feederbunk drain project before the rains returned, when I went into the barn for something and heard newborn noises from the lambing pen.  She split the difference with a set triplet ram lambs!

 Two weeks old and the lamb races are in full swing
 Two weeks old

Leafing Around

Most of the leaves are done and gone now, but I took a few shots over the past few weeks.  Enjoy on a big screen if you can, and don't forget to click the first pix for the slideshow!
 Late September
 Late October
 'Skeeter's Broom' in the late afternoon

 Unexpected colour.  The resurrected dogwood in late October

 My potted Japanese maple on the deck grew a rogue branch this year

Danny at 6 Months

Momma Joy and son Danny were hangin' out in the feederbunks, so I shot them