Thursday, September 8, 2016

Twyla's Twins

Seems we've got a summer lamb crop going this year for the first time.  First Willa, then on the 18th of August, Twyla gave us a fine ram/ewe set.
Her daughters Ginger and Cassie are due any day now, and it appears that dear old Pogo has a developing udder.  Georges was a busy guy this past spring!
 A few hours old
2 weeks old.  White ram lamb, black with white ewe lamb

Apple Pie Time

From tree to jar in just a few hours, it doesn't get any fresher than that!
 Dale picking the ripe 'Gravenstein' apples from the 130+ year old trees
 Gerry takes care of the windfalls

 A very small part of the eventual harvest
And ready to fill a shell or turnover pastry, with a dollop of fresh real whipped cream and crack cocaine coffee (French press expresso roast), on a cold winter's night

Roar, Best Bull

Last weekend, Jeana and Roger got married at the park.  The wedding party used the ranch to prep and dress, and for some candid photo shoots.
Roar photobombs one shot


A weird contrail from this morning.  Big plane made a big circle to our west.  Very odd indeed