Monday, August 8, 2016

A Monsterously Good Garden Year

Some years, it's all good.  This is one of those years
 The 'Country Gentleman' heirloom white shoepeg corn and the tomato/pepper bed, July

 And, in August

 That is a single 'Li'l Sweet' volunteer renegade melon plant.  Doesn't get watered or any sort of attention.  That's Rosie posing with the monster.  She could only pose for a few seconds, otherwise, it would have engulfed her, it grows that fast

 First week in August saw our first corn harvest.  'Spring Treat' and 'Expresso'.  They were beyond fabulous


  1. Jealous of the corn AND the volunteer melon; we can't grow either one well enough to bother with here.

  2. Three varieties of corn that succeeds in colder soil/weather - 'Mirai' from Park Seed; 'Expresso' and 'Spring Treat' from Territorial. None of the more popular varieties grow well here, but those three do.

  3. Thanks for that info, Dusty; I'll keep those varieties in mind. Part of our problem is a small garden space that doesn't get full sun....

  4. Ah. That would be a problem. The 'Spring Treat' is quite small as corn goes, mine maybe hit 4'. But sun would be a problem, yes.

    There is a variety, fairly new to the market, made for containers. That could be an option. Don't recall the name, sadly.