Monday, August 8, 2016

Sights and Scents

A few of my fave flower baskets, and a plethora of pleasure for your nose, courtesy of the lilies

 Sorry, you'll just have to imagine the delightful fragrance that goes with the pictures

Big 'Uns and Little 'Uns

Just a bit of a size difference there....

Ranch Pastoral

It was suggested that this sunset scene of corn and hay bales would make a fine 'Farmers Only' TV ad....

Unicorn Spotted in Bellfountain Pasture!!

Death Match

It appears that the bee girl lost to the ghost spider, sadly

Growing Like Weeds

I forgot to look and see when they were hatched, but the three chicks are sure growing up fast!!

 With Sami the Salmon Faverolle, full grown hen
This was the grey chick, that turned buff, and now its head is turning black.  Sure will be interesting to see what it ends up looking like!

Speaking of Trucks...

...and here is one of the hardest working ones around

Somebody Save This Truck!!

While picking up the round bales, we passed this fabulous 1940's Willys, put out to pasture not that long ago.
What a great project truck it could be!  Find a 351C crate motor, buff up the paint, Warn winch front and rear, and you're good to go

Guardian of the Flock

Click on the pix to see our flock guardian.  That's him, black with a white bib, back by the barn

Twins at 2 Weeks

It's kinda fun, having twins around during the summer.
Daisy (black) and David at 2 weeks.  Super fun, cute as all get out, curious, not afraid of anything, not even the nutjob with the camera, given to leaping into the air for absolutely no reason other than they can

Typical Pacific Northwest Summer Breakfast

And it's so very sweet, juicy and if I'm being good and restraining myself, some of it will actually make it into the house. 
Mostly, I gobble it down right out in the garden.  Best al fresco breakfast around

A Monsterously Good Garden Year

Some years, it's all good.  This is one of those years
 The 'Country Gentleman' heirloom white shoepeg corn and the tomato/pepper bed, July

 And, in August

 That is a single 'Li'l Sweet' volunteer renegade melon plant.  Doesn't get watered or any sort of attention.  That's Rosie posing with the monster.  She could only pose for a few seconds, otherwise, it would have engulfed her, it grows that fast

 First week in August saw our first corn harvest.  'Spring Treat' and 'Expresso'.  They were beyond fabulous