Thursday, July 14, 2016

Tyedye Pots

Those who know me, know that I'm a hippie.  I was born just a few years too late to really be an authentic old hippie, and where I grew up wasn't exactly Hippie Central.
I love tyedye.  If you want me to buy your T-shirt, make it in 2X tyedye, and I'm there, cash in hand.
I had a bunch of succulents that needed to be repotted so that I could put them on the ultra cool old plant stand I picked up at Egge Nursery in Coburg a while back.  I had seen on various gardening website how to make marbleized pots, and thought, why not?  Done right, it could look tyedye. 
Of course, I didn't do it exactly right.  It was my first attempt, using whatever I had on hand.  I had a bunch of perfect fine, 4" black plastic round pots that I washed, dried and primed with Kilz spray primer.  Then, I poured out some exterior house paint I had laying about, mixed up two different colours, added a third just for fun, and had at it.
I have some ideas for the next time around that I think will work out even better.  But for a first attempt, it wasn't that hard, and didn't turn out that bad.
 Primed and ready to dip
 A shallow bowl of water, with paint dribbled on the surface, then swirled about.  A lot of the initial paint sank to the bottom, but eventually, enough seemed to be on the surface to give it a go
 First pot.  Using a shallow bowl made it easy to dip all the pots to the same level

 After a day drying, the plants went in.  The colours show up better now too


  1. Funny; I coulda been a (young) hippie and started out in Hippie Country (SoCal), but I am definitely NOT one.

  2. I think we are about the same age, you, me and Shelly. SoCal was okay, but really, the Bay Area was where it was at. Me, I was in the total redneck Central Valley, where you'd probably get run out of town for flashing a peace sign.