Sunday, July 3, 2016


Ah, roses.  What is a home without, but a hovel in need of beauty and fragrance?
 'Alchymist', climbing shrub roses
 Probably 'Father Hugo'.  This rose came to me from my very close friend and neighbor Don, who is of pioneer stock, and who's family has been in this area of Oregon for over a century.  Our property originally consisted of 100 acres, with the south boundary following Oliver Creek.  To keep the livestock from trashing the banks of the creek, back in the very early 1900's, dozens of this VERY thorny, dense rose bush were planted along the top of the banks.  When the last owner before us bought the ranch in the early 1960's, they removed almost all of the bushes, and Don acquired 4 of them.  This is the last remaining bush of those original bushes, and it's quite happy and hardy, as to be expected
 Floribunda 'Playboy' and pal
 Climbing shrub rose 'The Impressionist', a David Austin rose
 Shrub rose 'Amazing Grace'.  Huge, fragrant and packed to the gills with pure pink petals
 Shrub rose 'Savoy Hotel'.  IF you can find it, GET IT!!  Out performs any rose on the planet, perfect form, super fragrance, hardy - what more need I say to convince you?
 The other shrub rose you must have, 'Lyda Rose'
 'Savoy Hotel' in all its pristine glory
 'Celsiana', in cool weather
 'Paul's Himalayan Musk'.  This monster is climbing up the ancient black walnut tree where the swings are.  It's still fairly new, so it's only reached about 40'.  Will perfume several acres in full bloom at maturity.  And yes, that's Rosie photobombing
 Rosa gallica versicolour, aka 'Rosa Mundi', ancient Gallica rose.  Otherwise known as The Rose That Ate The Garage/Shop And Dog Run Fence

 'Mundi' is a striped sport of The Apothocary's Rose, the solid pink that you see mine reverting back to.
 Early on, from the front, just as the bloom was starting.  That's 10 year old Cricket posing with it
'Lyda Rose' in full bloom

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