Sunday, July 3, 2016

Japanese Maples

We have a lot of Japanese maples.  Split about evenly between being in pots and being in the ground.  The climate is about perfect here in the PNW for them to really thrive.
We found an awesome source, a beautiful, scenic 1.5 hour drive from the ranch, in McKenzie River Maples, in Leaburg.  They grow so many different varieties, and it's such a long drive, that we just can't go get one for an empty pot or spot under the ancient Oregon white oaks.  We usually come home with 3 or more.
 'Skeeter's Broom' a sport of 'Bloodgood', is visible from a mile down the road
 2 in wooden barrels, 5 in the ground, just in this corner (3 are outside the fence)
Pink, white, cream, light and medium green.  What's not to like about 'Nishiki'?

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