Sunday, July 3, 2016

Iris, Part I

I started with just a few iris' that were here when we bought the house.  The only two I could identify were 'Supreme Sultan' and 'Immortality'.  The rest were pretty enigmas (as they still are).
My cow buddy Bonnie is also an iris freak of the highest order.  She gets varieties based on the names - mostly racehorses, which are what she names her cows after as well - but with other, desirable varieties thrown in for good measure.
It's all her fault, just like with the cows.  I now have so many iris' that I don't think I can plant another one anywhere.  Which is why I ordered a bunch more from Blue J in Nebraska (  To be fair, two of them are for Bonnie.
And then there is the hybridizing.  In addition to be the easiest, showiest, most dramatically impactful flowers anyone can grow, they are sinfully easy to cross.  Bonnie crossed some last year and already has babies from the seeds.  On a whim, I did the same this year, and now have ripe pods all over the place.
Did I mention that I have NO ROOM FOR MORE?
'Royal Blue Batik', one of the few I know the names of

 I believe this is 'Blueberry Tart' but don't quote me on that

'Rare Treat'.  This came from Bonnie, and I have used it extensively in the crosses I made this year, due to it being gorgeous, fragrant and prolific

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