Sunday, July 3, 2016

Flowers Part I

 Blue Eyed Grass, an iris relative
 Paeony 'Bowl of Beauty'
 Crabapple 'Brandywine'
 Night blooming phlox 'Midnight Candy'.  The super sweet, strong fragrance is so powerful at night you can smell it in the house thru the open windows
 Cistus (rockrose)
 A really pretty clover I found in the maternity pasture
 The old dogwood we thought we'd lost to the big snow 4 years ago.  It's now a multi trunked tree/shrub and this year it flowered like crazy, more than it did as a tree before we had to cut it down
 Evening primrose, fabulously scented and hardier than steel
A visitor to the Dutch iris


  1. You have so many gorgeous Japanese maples, flowers, and gardens that I'm a green-eyed mess!

  2. Hehehehe!! I have so many, I have to plan my watering routine like I was planning an invasion. I counted 18 maples and we are headed out for more this weekend.

    BT, I still have a pot of Violet's for you. Are you coming down to Nationals in September?

  3. I have 11, although two of those have been damaged and came back as root stock. I just love 'em!

    Don't know yet about nationals. Keep reminding me as it gets closer!