Sunday, July 24, 2016

Double Surprise!

This is the first day of the expected week long heat wave (for us, anyway, mid to high 80's and possibly a 90 thrown in by the end of the week), so we started going out fairly early in the morning to train with Cricket and Rosie on the stock.  As Cricket and I walked down to the working arena this morning, I saw vultures circling the south pasture, where Pony the ancient Saddlebred gelding, Georges the ram and his harem of ewes, young and very old, hang out.  I expected the worst - not Pony, because he was standing at the gate, impatiently yelling for his breakfast as usual, but maybe my old girl Twyla or the even old Pogo.
So imagine my surprise, when I looked out and saw a lump not far from the gate, and upon closer inspection, I saw the first picture - Willa, trying to hide her newborn twin ewe and ram!  She gave us her very first lamb JANUARY 10th, meaning that she was literally bred back on her first cycle after lambing for the first time!
After we worked for a bit, I put Cricket up, went and got my stuff (iodine, Elastomater and a coupla Cheerios, not knowing how many, if any, ewe tails I'd be banding at that exact moment), went back out and picked up the two lambs.  One ram just got a spritz of iodine for his navel and cord dangle, and the ewe got that and her tail banded as well.  After which, she decided I was her momma, and ran after me, yelling and bumping into my legs when I stopped.  Willa finally convinced her that I wasn't her mom, and she ran back to mom.
I was going to sell her this fall; now I'm thinking of keeping her after all.  She may be a pain in the butt any time you need to do anything with her like shearing or trimming feet, but what a phenomenal ewe she is!
 Maybe an hour or so old, first sighting
 Daisy the ewe lamb standing, David the ram lying down still trying to hide
 David the white speckled ram lamb

 Pretty much perfectly matched in size

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