Friday, June 24, 2016

The Flock Increases

Last month, my fellow chicken-crazy gardening pal Jan came by with a dozen fertile eggs she'd just bought.  Trouble was, her incubator wouldn't hold them all, and it just so happened that Broomhilda, the big black Orpington hen, had once again gone broody.  She was about to go down the road, as I don't need broody, I need eggs.  I do not have a rooster for just that reason.
20 days later, I was out in the barn when I heard a tiny peeping noise from under Broomhilda.  There were three newly hatched chicks, with the last green egg just showing signs of the exit strategy of the occupant (the other beige egg was one of Buffy's, not fertile).
The next day, one of the racing striped chicks just flat disappeared and no, Good Cat wasn't responsible.  I had already laid down the law to him the previous day, and a few hours after that, he was sporting a bloody spot on his head, courtesy of Big Momma Broomhilda I'm sure.  Never found a trace of that little one, but the survivors have thrived, and grown noticeably every day.  The silver one adopted Buffy as momma for some reason, and Broomhilda doesn't seem to mind.
Hopefully, at least one of them is a pullet.  First one that crows, goes down the road to Juan for dinner

Teaching the brood how to turn the barnyard into a minefield in search of dust baths and bugs

Bountiful Bert

Joy's son Bert, raised on grass and sunshine, rain and lazy days snoozing under the trees, fulfilled his destiny a few weeks ago.
Also filled the Edge, and both big chest freezers

 Grass fed and finished ribeye, 1 1/2" cut
A fine steak deserves a fine wine to accompany it

Bovine Bonanza

 Danny and momma Joy, Roar taking it easy and LeeLu eating as always
 This is such a nice shot of Ruffian I almost had heart failure when I saw it, and Bonnie kept saying there was no way I took it.  11 year old JB Ruffian in fine condition, posing perfectly
Darling Deb, starting to lose her baby coat

Washing the Lawn....

...watering the truck.  Or, the other way around.
Either way, both got wet and covered in soap

Thursday, June 23, 2016

More Scenic Shots

YOU try living here with a good camera and limiting yourself as to how many pictures you take!!

Scenic Overload

Fair warning.  We live in Kodakville, the place where you simply cannot take a bad picture.  Not even I can take a bad picture.
See these on the big screen.  Ditch the phone and find a tablet or **gasp** an actual computer with a big screen.  It'll be worth the effort.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Boxing Practice for Roar

The reason we have to repair the flybag yearly.  And, take out a second on the ranch to keep the boy in his flypowder.
I'm thinkin' he needs a 12 step programme to get off the 'powder...

The Bomb Squad

You might have noticed a very long time lag between posts these days.  That's because a few months ago, I got my first smartphone and discovered that it has a camera.  A really, REALLY good one.  And I've taken so many pictures that I had to reinstall Dropbox and sort into many, many folders all of the pictures I've taken.
Anyway.  A few months ago, I went to refill Roar's flybag in the north pasture.  I put the bag with the powder down in the pasture while I went to do a bit of repair work on the bag. Roar's a little hard on it.
Calves can be total goofballs.  I turned around to see this series of pictures unfold in front of me, and I just couldn't resist.  It was pretty funny, if you were there.