Friday, March 25, 2016

Signs of the Times

Brace yourself.  Lots of pictures to follow!
Definitely don't forget to see these on a big screen if you can, and don't forget to click the first pix to start the slideshow.  Enjoy!

 Paperwhites.  We grow 'em outside, not inside
 Fabulously fragrant hyacinths with forsythia
 Interesting combo of pink camellia and rosemary
 Tiny, fragrant species tulip
 The surviving half of the native pink flowering currant that last year's drought nearly killed off
 Along Dawson Road
 A sea of muscari
 Newly leafed out rose, blue sky and 'Salome' daffodils paint a gorgeous picture
 'Minnow' daffs, cute as a bug's ear
 Looking east on a blustery day
 'Minnow' reaching towards it's peak of bloom
 And, cue the damn box elder bugs, as usual
 More 'Minnow'
 Purple tulips budding out.  Since this was taken, the pot has exploded with blooms
 'Mary Fleming' early dwarf rhodie
 The last of the oh so sweet daphne blooms
 'Monsella', aka 'Carmen Rio', an early flowering tulip

 Species tulip 'Lilac Charm'
 And, also cue the damn Asian ladybeetles
Holy cow, did we really hit 62???
Back to normal March weather, complete with a threat of snow

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