Friday, March 25, 2016

2016 Daffodil Festival

A week without internet (USB wireless adapter died) means I got waaaaaay behind with the blog - with a legitimate excuse for a change.
Last Saturday, we picked the one good day to hit the annual Daffodil Festival at the Long Tom Grange, about 10 miles south of the ranch.  We hit it almost every year, and every year it just gets better and better.  The Pfieffer's, Robin and wife Danuta, are the big cheeses who work their behinds off to put on a great festival for the local community.  A few years ago, Danuta tried to make things healthier by ditching the traditional cinnamon rolls in favour of 'healthy' pastries like bran muffins and the like.  The backlash was instantaneous and unanimous, and the very next year, the rolls reappeared for good.
The number of local vendors grows every year, offering everything imaginable, from locally baked dog treats to local authors and their books on the history of this part of Oregon.  Joe Blakely  was on hand as always, with his iconic work 'The Bellfountain Giant Killers', the story of the Bellfountain Bells boys high school basketball team, which was basically comprised of 8 boys in the school of 27 total students,  with only three substitute players, that in 1937 went all the way to the Oregon State Championship - and WON.  He also wrote 'The Tall Firs', about the University of Oregon winning the very first NCAA Championship.  Both books are a super good read, well researched and written very factually, with much history covered as well.
It was a good outing, and we thought about bringing Rosie with us, but also thought she might get a little overwhelmed by all the people and such.  Maybe next year!

 The Long Tom Grange Hall
 This was one kick butt band!

 A bit of a traffic jam getting out of the parking lot

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