Monday, March 14, 2016

2016 Corvallis Spring Wine Walk

Twice a year, in March and September, the Downtown Corvallis gang put together a Wine Walk.  For $15, you get a glass, a book of 10 tickets, and a chance to walk the wonderful downtown Corvallis shops, tasting the offerings of several local and not so local wineries.  There was food, live music and the shops hosting the different wineries usually had some sort of sale or other good deal for visitors.
This year, it was supposed to downpour, which was much preferable to last September's 90+ degree heat.  But the rain mostly held off, at least while we were there.  Our shop hosted Walnut City this year.
We made a quick tour this year, taking note of which shops/wineries we wanted to hit so we could get home in time to feed.  Because we started out right at kickoff, we got thru before the crowds got too big.
I was very discriminating this year, choosing only those that I felt merited inclusion in my wine cellar.  Except the Depoe Bay Peach wine, which is destined for jelly.
Looking forward to September and hoping to not have a repeat of last year's heatwave!

 Looking south down 2nd Street, before the crowds got big
 Across from our shop, corner of 4th and Madison, was Footwise, one of the jumping off spots for the Walk
 Our shop

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