Sunday, February 7, 2016

Two Moms, Two Daughters

2 black heifer calves.  Almost exactly 24 hours apart.  Plus Ginger had her twin lambs on Friday just before Millie dropped her daughter.  And only LeeLu's daughter Joy left to calve.  Friday and Saturday were quite the busy days.
At least both moms were considerate enough to calve midday
 LeeLu and Deb, Dart and mom Millie

 Dart gets a facewash from mom
 LeeLu thinks every calf born should belong to her.  Lord knows she milks enough for 4!
 No, that's not an optical illusion.  Deb, the younger by 24 hours, is also nearly a full 20# heavier than Dart

 Millie does not tolerate LeeLu's advances on her daughter
 Dart as Calf-On-A-Stick
 Momma Millie - 'What do I do with this child?'

 And, LeeLu just HAS to try yet again to claim Dart for herself
 Millie isn't having any of it

 Dart, above and below

 Deb, with momma LeeLu as usual, yelling to the world about how gorgeous, smart and talented her day old daughter is

 Deb, above and below

There are more pictures from their birth, but I seem to be having some technical difficulties getting them off the card.  Will have them posted when I figure out what's going on there


  1. Not too bad, about average, actually. Dart is just a teeny thing.