Sunday, February 21, 2016

Millie at 9 Years

Millie has produced some of the best calves for us over the years.  First with Tali, Ruffie's JB Prized son, then with Roar.  She comes from a long line of strong, uber maternal cows.  Her dam, EKY Silver, was sold several years ago at age 17 with calf #15 at her side.  Millie is long, strong and deep, with a great udder, superb feet and legs and that fabulous maternal instinct.  She's calved for us without a single problem; her first calf was a whopper of a bull calf at 90+ pounds that she had on her own without a problem.  Her calves gain like mad on poor forage and no supplemental feed.
She may not be the pocket cow that Ruffie is.  She might not much care to be petted much by anyone but me.  She will shake her head at ANYONE that gets near her newborns but will still let us do what we need to. 
She's not going anywhere

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