Sunday, February 21, 2016

Basking Calves

The other day, the sun paid a rare, but weak, visit.  That meant it was time to grab the camera and go around, madly snapping as many shots as possible of the growing babies.
Dart - Roar X Millie, DOB 5 Feb
Deb - Beau X LeeLu, DOB 6 Feb
Danny - Beau X Joy, DOB 9 Feb
 Dart, Deb, Danny, LeeLu and Joy.  Millie couldn't be bothered to join the grouping; eating was more important to her at that moment
 There wasn't anything about this shot I was going to keep until I saw Joy's photobomb.  Deb standing
 Dart standing, Deb and Danny
 Danny and Dart I think
Half sibs (both sired by Beau) Deb and Danny

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