Tuesday, February 9, 2016

And, Finally....

...Danny!  There are a lot of reasons I kept Joy; one, she's a nice cow; two, she's very pretty; and three, her kids are just the cutest ever.  Danny is probably the cutest of the cute.  That face - I just couldn't help giggling and going 'Aw, that's so CUUUUUTE!' as I was taking these pictures.
That's it.  No more getting up every few hours.  She went into serious labour around 0330 and at 0455, lay down for literally 30 seconds, pushed, got up and there he was, head already up.  10 days late, but still only 84#.
Good job, daddy Beau.  A beautiful black heifer and an awesome silver bull.
I hope he's proud, up there in Washington state.
 About 4 hours old on a cold, 36 degree morning

 Oh that FACE!!

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