Sunday, February 21, 2016

Millie at 9 Years

Millie has produced some of the best calves for us over the years.  First with Tali, Ruffie's JB Prized son, then with Roar.  She comes from a long line of strong, uber maternal cows.  Her dam, EKY Silver, was sold several years ago at age 17 with calf #15 at her side.  Millie is long, strong and deep, with a great udder, superb feet and legs and that fabulous maternal instinct.  She's calved for us without a single problem; her first calf was a whopper of a bull calf at 90+ pounds that she had on her own without a problem.  Her calves gain like mad on poor forage and no supplemental feed.
She may not be the pocket cow that Ruffie is.  She might not much care to be petted much by anyone but me.  She will shake her head at ANYONE that gets near her newborns but will still let us do what we need to. 
She's not going anywhere

Family Portrait

LeeLu, Deb and Gerry (2015)

Pasture Girls

 Dart and Deb, watching the dogs watch them
Chelsea, Dart and Deb

Fuzzy Faces

 Daughter Deb.  I know the sun was in a bad spot, but I was on my knees, taking pix of another cow, when Deb gently approached and tried to eat the camera.  Those shots didn't make the cut because all you could see was a big black, wet nose and some teeth, all out of focus

 LeeLu's 2015 son Gerry.  That's Chelsea in the background, photobombing with her big butt

Deb at 2 Weeks

It's taken several years, but LeeLu FINALLY gave us another heifer!  Deb is by Beau, and is our resident princess in training.  If Dart is a typical Millie tombull heifer, Deb fits right into her registered name, Debutante.
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 ....And, there's mom, embarrassing her daughter, trying to be funny

Dart at 2 Weeks

Roar and Millie hit yet another one out of the park with this little tanker!

Danny at 11 Days

 With auntie (?) Chelsea (29 Oct 15).  Chelsea's half bro Tali sired Danny's sire Beau.  Let me know if you figure that one out

Ewww!! Cooties!!

Half bro Gerry really adores his half sis Deb.  He does this to her all the time

Basking Calves

The other day, the sun paid a rare, but weak, visit.  That meant it was time to grab the camera and go around, madly snapping as many shots as possible of the growing babies.
Dart - Roar X Millie, DOB 5 Feb
Deb - Beau X LeeLu, DOB 6 Feb
Danny - Beau X Joy, DOB 9 Feb
 Dart, Deb, Danny, LeeLu and Joy.  Millie couldn't be bothered to join the grouping; eating was more important to her at that moment
 There wasn't anything about this shot I was going to keep until I saw Joy's photobomb.  Deb standing
 Dart standing, Deb and Danny
 Danny and Dart I think
Half sibs (both sired by Beau) Deb and Danny

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

And, Finally....

...Danny!  There are a lot of reasons I kept Joy; one, she's a nice cow; two, she's very pretty; and three, her kids are just the cutest ever.  Danny is probably the cutest of the cute.  That face - I just couldn't help giggling and going 'Aw, that's so CUUUUUTE!' as I was taking these pictures.
That's it.  No more getting up every few hours.  She went into serious labour around 0330 and at 0455, lay down for literally 30 seconds, pushed, got up and there he was, head already up.  10 days late, but still only 84#.
Good job, daddy Beau.  A beautiful black heifer and an awesome silver bull.
I hope he's proud, up there in Washington state.
 About 4 hours old on a cold, 36 degree morning

 Oh that FACE!!

Yes, Another One

They are just so pretty, I can't help myself.  See these on the big screen and take your time, note the details, especially the way cool tree shadows in the mist.  My fave
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Dart the 4 Day Old Nerd

Dart, Millie's daughter, at 4 days, being a nerd
 'Hey, someone left the barn door open.  I'll just go take a peek...'
 'Whoa!!  Didn't see YOU there!!'
 'Can you resist this face?'
4 month old Chelsea meets half sis Dart

Prepping the Garden, 2016

Yesterday was such a nice day, and up here, we truly appreciate and worship days like that, it was time to get going on the garden.  I continued clearing debris and dead stuff, and attempting to reshape and smooth the beds.  I had a helper, as you can see below.  Didn't help, not really.  But a good time was had by all and I had one tuckered pup that slept like a rock all night long, even with me going out every few hours to check the last puffy cow (she calved early this morning).
The trip to Territorial restocked the seed bins, so there are no more excuses to get the seeds started and on the heat mats!

The Promise of Spring

It's not like we had a horrible winter, like the winter of 2014.  At least we had a lot of rain, got us right back out of the drought of 2015.  And today, we had some sun in the morning and again for a short bit right before sundown.  Yesterday, we soared to a high of 59 degrees, WAY above average.  I even broke out my shorts.  However, by this morning it was back to the mid-30's, where we belong, and today was mostly cloudy for most of the day, in the low 50's.  But for those few short hours we had sunshine and blue skies, the camera was going like mad.
The promise of spring is in the air.  I finally pinned down the source of the sweetly scented morning and evening air to the night blooming honeysuckle I got from the Benton County Master Gardner sale last year.  First time it's bloomed, and I gotta say - for only a handful of tiny blooms, that sucker packs one powerful punch!
Everything else is swelling and/or growing.  The crocus started the show a few weeks ago, and the early daffodils, at least the ones that Rosie the puppy hasn't eaten the buds off of yet, are about to burst open.  Tulip points are popping up and the Dutch iris buds are getting fatter by the day.
It's coming, spring is.  No matter what the woodchuck said.
 Gem the BC with the ready to burst buds of the daphne
 Ho's daffodils, somewhat ravaged by the puppy but still some buds left.  For now, anyway
 Cheery yellow crocus, in bloom for the past few weeks
Tulip points and muscari fans