Monday, January 18, 2016

Your Daily Lamb Fix

For a limited time only (they grow up so fast!), your daily (or whenever I have the time to take, process and post pix) dose of cute lambs
 The look on daddy Georges face here says it all - 'I didn't sign up to babysit these little hoodlums, even if they ARE mine!'  Denise tries to suck up to daddy
 Darby, barely 12 hours old, already hangin' with Dot and Dennis while Denise watches the camera carefully for any sign of attack
 Darby (front) and Digger, out into the world for the first time
 'Man, that thing is HUGE!!  Wonder where the faucets are?  Not that I could reach them....'
 Digger and Denise
 Digger 'Wonder what mom finds on the ground that she seems to like?'
 Family portrait

 Digger was the name of a blue merle rescue Aussie from decades ago.  He had the same goofy look to him.  Just seems to fit

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