Friday, January 15, 2016


With the uneventful arrival of Twyla's twins Dennis and Dot last night, we doubled our lamb load.  Then, today we had some sort of freakish weather that involved oddly coloured skies and a kinda bright light that made picture taking a must.
See on a big screen if you can and click the first pix to start the slide show.  CAUTION!!  You may find yourself overdosing on the cuteness!!
 Twyla and her new twins, Dot (white) and Dennis

 Pogo, still waiting....
 Willa and Denise

 Lambs galore!!

 Denise levitates behind mom's back
 Doug with his new little bro Dennis head for the barn.  I'm going to start calling that little white triangle on the right side of Twyla's black lambs a 'Twyangle'.  She produces that marking consistently 

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