Friday, January 8, 2016

First Arrival of 2016

I long ago gave up trying to predict when the sheep were going to lamb.  I know that we brought Georges the St. Thomas ram home the 27th of July.  That meant that the lambs would arrive any time after Christmas.  And that was all I had.
I had figured that good ol' Twyla would be the first to pop, followed by even older Pogo, who wasn't even supposed to get pregnant at her age.  She must have missed that memo.  Ginger, Twyla's 2014 daughter was looking pretty close up as well, and the three 2015 girls I figured would wait until after I got home from Texas at the end of January.
Wrong, wrong and again wrong.  As usual.  I did bedcheck late Wednesday night, everybody looked all bedded down and not planning for any 3 in the morning lamb arrivals.  But at the 5 am check, there was Twyla's 2015 daughter Cassie with a not so little tag along.  Doug looked to be a few hours old, fed and dried and happy as a clam.  He was feisty enough that he kicked my glasses off while I was examining him and spraying iodine on what was left of his cord.
Cassie's twin sister Charlotte doesn't even look pregnant at this point; she is the smaller of the two, but that doesn't mean anything here.  She could lamb at any second as far as I can tell.  Willa, Kayla's daughter the half Navajo-Churro, looks like she could pop anytime, which means probably March.
That's just the way lambing works on this ranch, anyway

 'Hey wait, lunch lady!!'
 He's a good eater, that boy.  HUGE for a first timer who lambed on her first birthday

 Daddy Georges checks out his newborn son.  No worries, pop, that dangle will be taken care of in a few weeks

Cassie's mom Twyla, aka the Twytanic.  Cassie's older sister Ginger behind Twy

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