Saturday, January 16, 2016

...And it Rained....

In the PNW, the rain is usually a constant, gentle rain.  Sure, there are some moments of unimaginable intensity, but mostly, we are known for have a lot of rain over a period of many months.  Unlike the south, with it's gouts of hurricane water dumping out of the sky in rates measured in feet per minute.  The Southwest monsoon season, which does the same, turning Sin City into Swim City.  The Plains and Midwest, with their epic summer thunderstorms that wash away anything not nailed down with 2' long spikes, and the Northeast with their legendary Nor'easters annihilating small towns without pausing.
So when things like that happen here, we sit up and take notice - and pictures.  It was too much to go out and try to get any shots, so I had to shoot thru the kitchen window, which was running water like a fountain
Just before this cell hit, we were sitting at .18 and ended at .38
The water sheeting off of the dairy barn garage is always entertaining but doesn't translate well into pictures

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