Monday, January 18, 2016

Your Daily Lamb Fix

For a limited time only (they grow up so fast!), your daily (or whenever I have the time to take, process and post pix) dose of cute lambs
 The look on daddy Georges face here says it all - 'I didn't sign up to babysit these little hoodlums, even if they ARE mine!'  Denise tries to suck up to daddy
 Darby, barely 12 hours old, already hangin' with Dot and Dennis while Denise watches the camera carefully for any sign of attack
 Darby (front) and Digger, out into the world for the first time
 'Man, that thing is HUGE!!  Wonder where the faucets are?  Not that I could reach them....'
 Digger and Denise
 Digger 'Wonder what mom finds on the ground that she seems to like?'
 Family portrait

 Digger was the name of a blue merle rescue Aussie from decades ago.  He had the same goofy look to him.  Just seems to fit

The Misty Isle

It's always a very fun illusion, that of being on an island.  Happens when we have an inch or so of rain on top of already saturated ground, then it gets fairly cold overnight.
The morning air becomes almost like ice crystals - breathing it is so very refreshing.
Add some trees and a bull that doesn't mind posing for a few pix to the gorgeous sky and clouds, and yeah.  Worth getting up for every time.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Finally, Pogo Pops

The nail-biting wait was over.  Pogo, the ancient Navajo-Churro ewe, finally popped early this afternoon.  No more dozing in the dilapidated old chair most of the night, freezing and listening to the rain pound down while begging the ol' gal to just get it over with.  I was sure I would have to help out, but bless her heart, she did it all on her own.  Bonnie and I came in just after her second little boy hit the ground.  Number one son was already nursing vigourously, and number two wasn't far behind (yes Bonnie, by the time I went back out, he had).
I now know that I can create blue merle sheep.  If not for the legs and face, you'd swear that was a blue merle Aussie pup there.  That's what the mix of Pogo and Georges the St. Thomas ram did.
Number two son (sorry, but I just haven't come up with names quite yet; it's a 'D' year, so there are lots of choices but thus far, none seem to fit) looks like he walked thru a dark and milk chocolate fondue.  At least when he gets muddy, you won't know it.
Mom had so much milk in that udder that it was dripping out.  That ended after the boys nursed for awhile and took the pressure off.  But Pogo is fabulous mom, and now has shown me yet another thing - that weird momma chuckle that I so did NOT expect to come from her!  All the other ewes have the momma chuckle, and they are all about what I'd expect from them.  But Pogo's is different and I cannot even begin to describe it.
I'm just glad she's done, wish she'd had a daughter but that's okay.  The mom and boys are strong and healthy and I cannot wait to watch them little guys grow!
Now, Twyla's daughter Ginger and Charlotte (Cassie's twin) are left.  Char worries me just a touch as she's a first timer, but she barely looks pregnant, so I think there is some time.  Ginger always does fine.
4 ewes.  6 healthy lambs.  So far, so good....
 Number two staggers to his feet moments after birth

 A reverse panda, blue merle ram lamb!
 OMG that face!!  He is either looking dignified or snooty.  Given Pogo is his momma, I'm going with dignified

 Twins don't come much better matched than that right there

Black and White and Fuzzy

Willa peeks thru the Judas door to the sheep pen

The Twyangle Factor

 Twyla and son Dennis
Twyla's 2015 daughter Cassie.  The triangle isn't quite as pronounced, but it's there.
I learned a few years back that the white topknot on a sheep's head was known as a Two Grey Hills spot, aka TGH.  I am christening these side spots the Twyangle

And the Cute Just Keeps Coming

Yesterday was the calm before the deluge, altho we had one monster cell come thru either before or after I took these

 Denise and Doug
 'Hey Denise!  It's that nutty predator with the black thing in her paws!!'
 'I got yer back, Denise, promise'

The Lamb Races have Begun

Doug chases Denise on a fine winter's day (yesterday; today we got socked with about an inch)

One Busy Lamb

Doug is awesome.  He just has to get into EVERYTHING.  From chasing the hens (that's Lucy the Welsummer below) to playing Doug of the Mountain, the little guy is always on the go

 'I claim this land....'
'....for ME!!  All hail King Doug!!'