Thursday, December 17, 2015

We Surrender

Okay, Ma Nature.  We're pretty happy now.  Plenty of water.  No, really - we're good for a few days.  Turn off the tap.  We'll let ya know when we'd like to have it turned back on.
In the days between the 30th of November and the 12 of December, we racked up enough measurable rain each and every day to equal the 3rd wettest December on record in Eugene.  And we got more than they did here at the ranch.  A coupla days at the 2" mark, at least .10" on any given day, most days between .25" and .75".
Don't get me wrong.  We sure did need it.  But we could use a little teeny break to let it all soak in and head down into the aquifers.  Then, it'd be nice to get some snow for Christmas.  The weather guessers keep saying 'maybe'.  Just have to wait and see how that all shakes out.
 All natural, non-GMO, totally organic boot wash in the north pasture
 The maternity pasture has about as much water as I've seen in 9 years
 When you can see the patches of water down in the section of Waldo soil at the east end of the north pasture, it's because it's about 2' deep
Lake Nusbaum to the east.  Hard to see but the pasture beyond the first one is an almost solid sheet of water - 350 acres worth

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