Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas!!

From our home to yours, a very Merry Christmas to all and a fabulous New Year in 2016!!
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 Gem the BC, Hoke (aka Santa Paws), Cricket and Sybil
 Christmas morning dawned cold and snowy, but not quite snowy enough at the ranch level to give us a white Christmas

 For only about the third time since Thanksgiving, blue skies and sunshine graced the area throughout the day, off and on.  From the historic Bellfountain Cemetery, looking west towards the ranch with Green Peak dusted with new snow to the right of the picture
 The ranch, below Green Peak.  Our big silver barn centre of the picture against the treeline

 A late afternoon shower put a rainbow in the north pasture.  I like how it was fuzzy on the left side of the 'bow and clear on the right side.  Roar enjoys a little snack.
Christmas night, and the magic light show

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