Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Day after Xmas Coast Run - 1st Leg, Hwy 34 west to Waldport

We were headed to Yachats and the Adobe Inn for some crack cocaine coffee (go ahead, ask me if you dare) and lunch with Cricket and Sybil, just because.  As always, I had the camera, just in case.  By the time I thought to do this photojourney, some of the coolest, best, most scenic parts of Hwy 34 were behind us, but I managed to get some shots of the snow covered Coast Range going thru Alsea.
I took all the pictures thru the window/windshield of the moving car, to let people who may never get the chance to experience the absolute, jaw dropping beauty that is this part of the world first hand see it from the passenger perspective.
Don't forget to click the pix to start the slideshow and see it on a big screen for the best viewing
 Hwy 34 westbound, heading towards Alsea

Typical day after a holiday traffic crush.  Had to deal with this level of traffic almost the entire way, from home to the coast and back home again.  Just awful

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