Friday, November 13, 2015

The Trees are Flying Again

You know it's close to Thanksgiving when the aerial ballet, 'Flight of the Christmas Trees' starts
 Picking up a bundle.  The spotter is the little orange guy next to the bundle to be picked up.  The cutters fell and bundled that entire section of hillside in one morning
 Airborne to the drop point

 To the left is the section of fell and bundled trees waiting for pickup.  To the right is the idling chopper getting refueled at the drop zone.  That distance is covered, pick up to drop and back to pick up, in about 15 seconds
 The entire section of trees, from newly planted ones in the section harvested last year, to this year's harvest, and sections all in between
 Cricket was paying more attention to the loose cattle in the pasture in front of us.  For her, that was way more interesting

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