Sunday, November 22, 2015

First Big Chill of the Season

Our first foray into the 20's this season came this morning.  It actually hit 28 while I was outside doing morning feedings.  It was good to put on the fuzzy hat, gloves, socks (for only the second time since last February) and I could have used a scarf as well.  My pal Shelly from SoCal (where summer continues) quick-knitted two neat scarves in Duck colours and I'm guessing she 'accidently' left them here in October.  I should have grabbed one this morning.
We have nearly finished all our cold weather prep, just a few little things to cross off the list and then, the snow can fly.  Hopefully, it as well as the rain will make a return to the parched Pacific Northwest this season.  We've upped our yearly total, but are still nearly 10" behind with only a month and a half left.  So we will see how it goes this season.

 Chilled cabbage, anyone?
 Guess I'm gonna have to call the season, as the tomatoes and peppers look a bit, well, frozen
 'Water!!  Must have water!!'  Cricket knows the routine, but Hoke has to be all manly (below) and try to show her how to do it.  She finally let him fail miserably before going ahead and breaking the ice on her own

 The eerie stump of the Legacy oak that came down several weeks ago stands out in the early morning mist a few days ago

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