Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Official End of Calving Season 2015

With Ruffie's midday delivery today, we close the calving book for 2015.  A few days early, but hey - at least she chose to calve around noon instead of last night in the rain.
Mother and daughter are doing fabulous.  I'm sure everyone is looking forward to a rare late season treat of cute calf pictures all winter long!
 0930.  About 3 hours from delivery
 I'm sure it was just a leaf, but she's on high alert no matter what
 A very unsympathetic Millie watches her gal pal going down for the count
 The new arrival, 72 pounds of cuteness in heifer form
 "Yum.  Love the taste of fresh iodine in the afternoon"

 "Mom, people are WATCHING!!"

The obligatory cute calf butt shot

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