Monday, October 5, 2015

Goodbye to the Jellybean

After just shy of 6 years of very near perfect service (and well into the 6 digits on the odometer), it was time to say goodbye to our beloved Jellybean.  Saturday was a lovely fall day, and we had a few errands to run up in Corvallis, so off we went fairly early to make the rounds.  On the way back out of town, we decided to stop by Wilson Motors, to have a look at the red Edge Sport sitting under the portico that we spotted on the way up to Wilco and Home Depot (no Jerry's in Corvallis, a cryin' shame, really, so we have to make do with HD when we're up there).  We knew from browsing online they had one, now it was time for a closer look.
Several hours later, after we made the trip back home to empty the Jellybean of approximately 1345 pounds of stuff that had accumulated in all of its voluminous storage areas - and then after driving the new Edge home to pick up the Jellybean's title that we had forgotten - the new Edge was snugly lodged in the garage.
It's always sad for me to say goodbye to a fab vehicle.  I think the Wonder Wagon (Saturn wagon) was probably the hardest, as we had been so many places with it tagging along obediently behind the RV and it had been such a great vehicle for us and the dogs.  I always get a bit teary eyed as we say goodbye to the old soldiers, and Jellybean was no different.  Dale had just finished yet another 2000 mile round trip to San Diego and back in August, and the extended-extended warranty was only going to be good for about 20K more miles, then we would be paying handsomely for a third party warranty.  Even tho it was flawless, it had a LOT of miles on it and well, things in the newer cars that go wrong tend to be VERY expensive to fix, especially as electronics start wearing out.  So it was more of a financial decision than any other reason to trade in the old gal.
I have to say.  3 days with the new one, and we just keep getting (mostly) delightfully surprised at the things it can do.  The Sport comes with the 2.7l dual turbo V6 and if you remember the bad old days of turbocharged engines, forget what you knew, because this new generation is beyond belief.  Turbo lag?  Dim, distant memory.  There is NONE.  Turbo whine?  Some people like it; Really Big Red's PowerStroke 6.0l turbo diesel can make some awesome noise when you romp on the go pedal.  The new Edge just goes all throaty and almost V8ish when you say GO.  No whine.
The dash takes some getting used to, but Dale drove it at night for the first time tonite and he was absolutely in love with it all.  The 3D speedo means you can actually see how fast you're going at all times, day or night.  The tach is finally just a very small digital dial that isn't annoyingly in your face - it's an automatic trans after all, you don't really need to see where the revs are for shifting.  Unless of course you stick the 6 speed auto into 'Sport' mode and go all flappy paddle shifting on it.
There's so much more that I could go on about, including a few annoying things that we tend to figure out with the help of over 400 pages of owners manual.  The gist of it - this is a FABULOUS vehicle, quiet, powerful, handles firmly and crisply, tons of room, comfortable, well thought out ergonomics, maybe a tad too much nanny gizmos (lane departure warning, cameras all over the place, bells when you pull into the garage warning you're too close on all sides, adaptive cruise control, accident avoidance, blind spot warnings, etc etc etc), and a truly awesome look at night with all the various lights blazing away all over it.
It was sad to say goodbye to an old friend, but a lot of fun learning all about the new friend - still dog hair and drool free, for the moment.
 Jellybean's last time in the garage
 New Edge home at last
 New and old

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