Monday, September 28, 2015

Rockin' Their World

One of the last chores to be done before the fall/winter rains set in is to rock the feederbunks.  Last year, we installed two French drains, one inside the bunks, one outside, to try and handle the water runoff.  And then of course, it didn't really rain enough to truly test it.  We usually topped the bunks off with a few inches of 3/4 minus rock from our local quarry every fall, only to see it disappear by the following summer.
Not this year.  The first 14 tons was delivered last Friday, and by Saturday evening, almost all of it was in place - almost 2' deep this time.  We had brought the level of the bunks up 12" with the addition of the new boards, which allowed us to finally bring the level of the rock up enough to make a real difference.
So, we will see.  That is, if we get enough rain this time.
 One last, final look at the nice, smooth and level rock job....

 ....before the barbarians stomp all over it

 Baby Gerry isn't so sure about it
Well, it WAS nice and smooth and clean.....

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