Sunday, September 13, 2015

Maple Madness

Dale figured it was time to finish dressing up the outside of the gate area with some new Japanese maples.  By coincidence, I had just spotted Liesha's ad on craigslist that Mackenzie River Maples would be open the very next day, Saturday.  We would be making our third trip out there to get Japanese maples from them; their selection, prices and most importantly, knowledge makes it our go-to place for all things Japanese maple.
As we figured it, we would need three maples to dress up the long side of the wrought iron fencing paralleling the driveway.  So of course we bought five.  Dale's thought is that you just can't have too many Japanese maples, and he's totally correct.  Three still for the fence we originally planned for, and I pretty much have figured out where one of the last two will be going.  The last one is a very special variety that will want careful placement to insure the best colour and visibility, so I am still working on that one.
Now, with supposedly cooler, wet weather on the way, the time is about as perfect as it gets to plant them and get the iris divided and moved.
I love the fall, and this year, it just won't get here fast enough for me!


  1. I think Japanese maples may well be my very favorite plant. I still have four waiting for me to decide (and Rick to agree!) where they should go. Unfortunately, my husband does not share my love....

  2. Here's the trick - just plant them. I'm betting it'll be awhile before he notices and by then, too late to move them!