Sunday, September 13, 2015

Controlled Chaos in the Pasture

Last Sunday we had a load out party in the maternity pasture.  The girls from Bend and the gang from Sutherlin arrived to pick up various cows, calves and bulls.  The girls had just left Salem and the Oregon State Fair (with Norm, the huge winning bull calf, now headed to Sutherlin) to come collect Nellie and her little monster girl Lilly as well as drop off Norm for Ted, Susan and Caylin to bring to his new home in Sutherlin along with his half sister Cassie from us.
All in all, it actually went very smoothly.  We had put a halter on Nellie and Lilly - Nellie for the first time in her 10 years and Lilly for the fourth time - and both did surprisingly well and improve by the minute at their new home.  Norm of course simply walked out of one trailer and into the other without a fuss; he's an old hand at that.  Cassie saw the open trailer door and hopped right in, as calves seem to be more than happy to do, and the caravan of 3 truck/trailer combinations headed off into the sunset, headed south and east with a stop at the Rodeo in Junction City for a bite to eat first.
As always, we are sad to see everyone go, but happy in knowing that they will be an important part of their new herds for many years in the future.

 Our darling Annie, now a seasoned show cow and momma, with her little boy Carl
 And speaking of brats, that is Zoe (I think) with Banshee the Brat, long yearling heifer, another fine Roar X Millie daughter
And they're off!

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