Thursday, August 27, 2015

Weaning Day

The time had come.  I got lucky in that the day I chose to wean, last Friday, was one of the few days it wasn't approaching the 90 degree mark.
Dr. Vanegas and his crew spent a few hours in the afternoon with the weaning chores, Shots and health certs for the travelers, tattoos for all, Bang's for the heifers.  Add a preg check on Lilly's mom Nellie and Beau's bad eye, and it was an afternoon that deserved some peace and quiet for the evening.  Yep, like that was gonna happen!  It took a little while for the momma cows to realize their bags were full to bursting and there were no young'uns around to help out, and then the moofest began.
Next week we say goodbye to Cy and Cassie, and the following week, Nellie and Lilly hit the road for Bend and Three Sisters Ranch
 They don't know it yet.  Cy, Gerry, Cassie and Lilly (not weaned)
Lilly chows down before the fun starts

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