Monday, July 27, 2015

The Flock Gets a New Herdsire

We took a long drive out to South Eugene this morning to collect our new herdsire, Geroges, from Rick at Gamboling Goat Farms.  Georges is a St. Thomas, which is basically an old school St. Croix hair sheep.  The SC are all white, and any little dab of colours turns it into an ST.  Very hardy breed, excellent meat and I hope that he does great things with the meat end of our sheep operation.  Georges is about 3 years old, and a really nice ram.
They are also very docile sheep that flock very well, something that makes them very popular for stockdog trainers.
 Georges took control of his new harem quite handily.  That's him on the other side of the tree
 Shepherding his flock
 This was just a really pretty shot
 Such a dignified gentleman
 With Cassie and Char, Twyla's girls

 Willa (Kayla's daughter, black and white) and the rest of the Navajo-Churros
Love the little black spot on his butt!

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