Monday, July 27, 2015

Bonnie's Cow Pix

I depend on Bonnie (JB Ranch Murray Greys) for my classy cow pix.  She never likes the ones I take.  She came by on Sunday to drop our fave gigolo Beau off after his encore tour of Southern Oregon and took some shots of course.  Not that the sun cooperated a lot; clouds and sun and it was difficult to convince the dark cows to run out into the sun for a shot when the sun made an appearance
 Beau returns, lookin' mighty fine for a long yearling
 Cy, above and below

 Lilly in a rare moment, standing still.  Oh those ears!!
Gerry contemplates life
Bert and Beau chasing the herd up the hill
This was hysterical - the James Gang was my first impression.  From left (big silver cow) Nellie, daughter Lilly, Cassie, momma Joy, Gerry and Cy

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