Monday, June 29, 2015

Post Surgery Roar

Things are going well with Roar up at OSU.  He had his first bandage change yesterday, and Jorge said that everything looked great, no sign of infection, and it's healing nicely.
Poor guy doesn't get much of a chance to be bored.  EVERYONE has to come by and give him a head rub and feed him apples.  Dr. Steele was there when Carla and I got there today and said there was even an apple marked 'For Roar' in the office.  A young vet student stopped by to see how he was doing and commented that her husband couldn't believe that he was such a nice bull.  Carla knows better, however, and set the young lady's mind at ease by assuring her that yes indeed, Roar was the nicest bull she'd probably ever meet.
We are looking at the next bandage change on Wednesday, with him coming back home probably Thursday if all looks good.
Them hussy's still don't miss him

'Good apple.  Want another.  NOW.'

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