Thursday, June 25, 2015

Late June in Bloom

Late June.  Breakfast consists of eating blueberries and strawberries and the odd snow pea from the last remaining vine while watering the skyrocketing corn, the wall of blackberries and the ever so sneaky melon patch.
We are at the door of a massive heat wave.  91 today is a degree shy of the 92 we hit on the 8th, but the valley will be pushing triple digits the next two days, meaning we could certainly see mid 90's up here with ease.  The past few days were spent deep watering trees and shrubs so that I can concentrate on keeping the pots of flowers and the garden watered.
It's no wonder you can literally see the melon bed grow
Pollinator heaven and pretty to boot

 I've taken many pounds of beets out of the beet and pansy bed (don't ask - I don't know), yet it doesn't look like I've taken a single one.  Unfortunately, the parsnips didn't come up; there might be 4 out of the 50 I planted that came up but then again, those might just be weeds.  The beets, however, happy as all get out.  It's the old Italian heirloom 'Chiogga'
 The melon patch on June 22nd
 'Kakai', volleyball sized
 Vanilla butterfly weed with a pal
 The melon patch on June 25th
 'Li'l Sweet' cantaloupes
Finally!!  My first 'Sapomiel' melons!!

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