Monday, June 29, 2015

Late June Flowers

Late June, and we're trying to survive the brutal (for us) heatwave that's been upon us for over a week now.  A peak of 97 degrees at the ranch on Friday is ridiculous for June, or, for that matter, ANY time up here.  But, the good news is that the tomatoes and melons are absolutely loving it, the peppers look the happiest ever in 8 years of growing them, and the bee girls have never been busier this time of year
 Phlox 'Laura'.  Amazing scent and the picture does not do the electric purple colour justice
 I adore odd petunias!

 Sweetpea 'Erewhon' I think.  So fragrant you can smell it from the back door, probably 200 yards away around a corner
 I did mention I love odd petunias, didn't I?

 Pansies don't seem to know their season is over

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