Monday, June 1, 2015

It's Mow Time

Haven't needed to do it for a while, but now that our cow herd is down in numbers, they just can't keep up, no matter that we have less grass than in years past at this point.  No rain, little growth.  It's a needed thing, getting the height down and the seed heads mowed off.  Cows don't like to eat the long, thin stalks with big ol' nasty seed heads hangin' out there, and I don't blame them.
Besides, when Cricket lays down and disappears, it's time
 Bert in the maternity pasture, pre-mow
 Making square circles.  LOTS of square circles.  It always looks so neat from this perspective
 Downwind leg
 Beau and Bert sample the fresh produce.  Cut to about 7"
 Maternity pasture done.  Looks like a golf course, only with the nastiest fairway length on tour.  Not gonna get a lot of bounce and roll out of THOSE babies
 Beau enjoying the new greens
 Day Two, and Big Orange is ready to rock some more grass
 Working arena next

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