Monday, June 1, 2015

Hot Corner, Hot Colour

In baseball, the 'hot corner' of course refers to 3rd base.  At the ranch, it refers to the southeast corner of the dairy barn garage, the hottest, driest spot in the garden.  There is an old, shallow wheelbarrow planter that holds about a teaspoon of water when hosed down, the big black plastic planter with the flax and salvia 'Fairy Queen' that I usual forget to water, and then the very ground - solid clay that turns to concrete during the dry months.  It's taken many years to get things to survive and thrive, but now it's a pretty decent looker
 From the front shortest yellow - native Oregon sunflower, blue flax, wheelbarrow with hen and chicks, tickseed (coreopsis) and various succulents, and kniphofia (red hot poker)
 The other hot side, the west wall of the house.  From far left, choysia (Mexican orange), pink flowered and fragrant Missouri primrose (also below), 'Miss Kim' dwarf lilac, cotoneaster and blue oat grass

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