Monday, June 1, 2015

2015 Early Garden Tour

WARNING!!!  Massive amounts of pictures ahead!!
Don't forget to click the first one to start the slideshow and enjoy on a big screen if you can
 Garden overview
 Sweet corn 'That's Delicious!' popping up.  Birds have gotten a few of the early ones, so I will be replanting a few
 This will probably end up being a huge mistake.  2 'Kakai' pumpkins, 2.5 'Li'l Sweet' cantaloupes (one is iffy) and 4 'Sapomiel' melons - in one bed.  I foresee much chaos in a few months
 The first 'Tristar' strawberries are almost ready
 'Chippewa' blueberry in its 3rd year is loaded
 'Ka-Bluey' in its first year, same
 Tomatoes, sweet peppers, and tomatoes
 Trying out an old idea coming back into fashion.  Burying an empty bucket with holes drilled in it or just empty plastic flower pots gets the water right to the roots
 The pansies sure are happy this year

 Blue cornflower, peachy mauve 'Southern Charm' verbascum, black and white Border Collie 'Gem'

 Happy snappys
 Paeonia 'Bowl of Beauty' above and below

 Pollinator bed in the main garden.  Hollyhock, foxglove, thyme, vanilla butterfly weed, lavender and salvia
 Another pollinator bed.  Yarrow, poppies, lupine, gaura, monarda and Sweet William
 Toughest salvia on the planet, 'Marcus'.  A very dwarf form of the excellent 'May Night'.  Will grow in solid clay with zero water and love every bee that visits
 Third pollinator garden.  More lavender, foxglove, milkweed, yarrow and germander (that desperately needs to be cut back)
 The pollinators
 3 massive Old Garden Roses (OGR's).  From garage shop, 'Rosa Mundi', 'Complicata' and 'Celsiana'.  People walking up and down Foster road to the west stop to tell me how wonderful they smell - all the way to the road

 Eccremocarpus scaber 'Pink Lemonade'.  If you need a fab vining hummingbird magnet that laughs at heat and drought and covers a lot of ground in a short time, survives serious winter temps into the low teens and rewards you with the cutest flowers ever, this is your plant
First time 80 plus at the ranch.  Our highest average high is 82 here, sometime in July

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