Sunday, May 3, 2015

More Flora Flora Flora and Summer Swing

Not quite as many as the previous post, I promise
 'Skeeter's Broom' Japanese maple in the evening.  Coming up the hill on Dawson this time of day, it's like a fiery beacon on the deck.  The picture simply doesn't do it justice
 Just as I was pushing the button, Gem the BC decided to see what exactly I was taking a picture of, so I had to leave this one of the brilliant, huge and highly fragrant red paeony under the ancient lilac tree in

 My fave rhodie, aka the Birthday Rhodie
 'Brandywine' crabapple (light pink) and 'Sensation' purple and white lilac cause visitors to swoon from the combined fragrance
 The ultra tough 'Brandywine' crabapple that was literally snapped in half when the ancient Oregon white oak (big stump in background) shed a limb 7 years ago.  It's fought back to the point where it almost looks normal now
 Gem is not normally a camera hound.  She's the most camera shy of the bunch, but this morning, I was trying to get her to move so I could shoot the two 'Lyda Rose' flanking the 'Alchymist' rose, and she decided she'd just stay.  So I shot her with the roses
 'Lyda Rose', a fab shrub rose with an intoxicating fragrance and massive bouts of bloom.  The three roses are on the south wall of the dairy barn garage, in the poorest clay and rock soil, and they do not get fertilized or watered or protected at all.  They are all three own-root roses and iron tough
You know that summer is almost here when Dale's swing goes up, as it did yesterday

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